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At Vagabond Works, wonders of molecular medicine live next to the beauty of human body, and sober ideas of personal freedom rub elbows with clownish pokes at some venerable political institutions.

We film, sculpt, paint and write with little respect for professional conventions and field boundaries.
A probing finger irreverently stuck into the subject matter might hurt, but how else can one tell the fact from a fantasy or lie? And there are a lot of lies out there.

Please, join us. Don’t be afraid to ask audacious questions; leave your safe port and abandon your masters. The Ocean is a friendly place.


AGING BULLS, a feature documentary (85 minutes) about male aging has been completed and will be shortly released. Please check the writeup below and watch excerpts in the video section.

Bovine or human, bulls share many biological processes, and their interests in life might be not that different. A recently retired doctor comes to know a fighting bull living out his days at a green pasture after a reprieve granted for his exceptional corrida performance.
Impressed with the elderly bull’s physical condition, the doctor decides to learn about biological processes that allow the fellow mammal to preserve his fitness, while he “gets short of breath after the second flight of stairs.”

Subjects commanding interest of Baby Boomer males, such as use of hormonal supplements, muscle preservation, erectile dysfunction and consequences of late fatherhood are reviewed here in a sober and scientifically documented way.

The movie is narrated in a humorous way and enriched by some beautifully shot footage from bull fights in Spain, bull riding in Colorado and incredible sights of Hawaii, where the film's producer and crew reside.
The documentary is graced with appearance of female beach-goers who try to answer the question, 'What makes a man, an old man?'