Which way to happiness?

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No idea, buddy. You have to find your own way. Easy answers are pretty worthless anyway.You have to ask better, harder questions.
A probing finger irreverently stuck into the subject matter might hurt, but this is the only way to find out what you really need to know. Since good manners and venerable traditions mean little to vagabonds, at the Vagabond Works, we ask audacious questions and try to do our own thinking. Someone plays loose with our patriotism and sense of decency, we suspect, in order to swap our loyalty for goods we wouldn’t like.
We are out to find the vermin, and as we are hunting, we intend to have a lot of fun.
Please, join us. Don’t be afraid to leave your port and your masters; the Ocean is a friendly place.


Witches of Kailua, or dark side of Paradise

Yes, there are witches in Hawaii and we love them.
This little joke of ours has been released a few days ago on a Youtube.

Hey, I have to share it with you, I won an award at the Best Shorts Competition in San Diego, 2014
Silly Love. The biologic base of romantic passion.
Click here and watch it right now, for free!

Shark of Waikiki,
my new novel in the Spun in Hawaii series has just been released as a paperback and in many e-book formats.

My muse demanded
something funny for change and this is my answer.
Please, have a look in the Books&Blog section.

For a few small islands in the middle of an empty ocean, Hawaii draws a lot of thrill-seeking adventurers and amateurs of warm water and golden beaches. But even more attractive than the fabulous weather are the funny, friendly folk treading between Waikiki, Keehi Lagoon and other places named like towns in a fairy tale.
It takes a while to become a Hawaiian’s friend, more than two weeks vacation. But if this relationship is about to happen, you better read this book ... and soon.